About me

During my senior years at the university, back in Mexico, it became obvious to my thesis advisor, my family and myself that I would not be spending the rest of my days on a lab bench. So instead of doing science, I decided to write about it.

Ever since my career as a journalist took off, I decided to focus on covering Latin American science, a beat that has been chronically underreported in both English and Spanish-speaking outlets. I’ve been trying to change that trend, one story at a time.

My work has been published in Science, NatureScientific American, SciDev.Net, WWF, and elsewhere.

I was also an editorial intern at Radio Ambulante, NPR’s Spanish language podcast that uses narrative long-form journalism “to tell important but neglected Latin American and Latino stories.”

Most recently, I moved to New York City to pursue a master’s degree in Science, Health & Environmental Reporting at NYU.

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Photo by Janice Bryson